About Us

We are an all-in-one distributor and seller of thermal paper rolls intended for various usages such as in cash registers, credit card machines, receipts for everyday use, and restaurant supplies and among other uses. Our company was founded by competitive people who have a combined 35 years’ experience managing a paper roll company. Their specialty is in paper roll production where they have managed over 180 employees with various types of expertise. They have gained experience in the paper roll production quality systems in ISO 2001 and ISO 9001, and continuous improvement activities as well as production streamlining activities. Throughout these experiences and acquired capabilities, they have decided to start a business of selling and distributing thermal paper rolls as they know the ins and outs of it. This is how capable we are in this industry.

Our Mission

We currently have a small company that mainly caters to supplying carbonless paper rolls for our local customers in Orlando, Florida. We provide these thermal rolls for local businesses such as for restaurant suppliers and other establishments that need credit card paper rolls, bond paper rolls and carbonless paper rolls for receipts such as in clinics and pharmacies. Our main aim is to deliver these supplies on time to our customers and provide consistent customer service that will exceed your needs not just before, but will always be present even after the sale of our product. We guarantee the quality of our products thus we are confident in selling these. In cases where there are some concerns on the products that we deliver, we make it a point to visit our customers and personally liaise with them and extend our support to whatever they need within our expertise. These are the services that we currently offer and we aim to maintain their quality.

Our Vision

Our company is caters mainly local to businesses in Orlando, Florida. We make it a point to visit them personally once in a while to learn the status of the products that we have sold and also their current concerns and needs so we can discuss future collaborations in doing business with them. Our vision is to provide a more convenient venue of transacting with us through our online facilities. This way, our customers does not need to meet with us in order to place an order or for us to know which kind of product they need. Just By visiting our site and browsing through our product lines, they will be able to transact with us hassle-free. This in turn gives us a more convenient way to deliver products and send them the soonest possible time.
Aside from these, we are envisioning in the near future becoming a one-stop shop for everything for restaurant and office supplies. This is in line with our plan to cross sell some of the essential restaurant and office supplies such as breakroom and Janitorial supplies, cleaning products, hand sanitizers, and paper towels, among others. All these will also be available online so our customers will be assured of convenience in purchasing any of our products lined-up on our website. All in all, our thermal paper roll selling and distributing services will diversify and will be the main hub for everything you need for your restaurant and small office needs.
We value our customers and we’d like to maintain business with them for many years to come so we will find ways to keep them informed and doing business with us at their convenience.